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17-27 October 2018

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Shirley Carn - Monbulk
with Shirley Carn

Shirley believes it's good to appreciate Australian plants rather than dismissing them because they're not exotics. "You're also looking at what plants provide for the birds and butterflies." - Gardening Australia


Cathy Ronald's Gardens - Olinda
with Cathy Ronald

"A spectacular feat in modern design this garden experience is one to remember."

Highways - Sassafras
with Gael Bartlett

"“Magnificent deciduous trees with spring time bulbs are a feature of this very interesting hills garden”


Philip Johnson's Garden - Olinda
with Phillip Johnson

“Design a garden that will last a long time; work with the environment, not against it, use water wise plants and create a habitat for local fauna”

Coonawarra- Sassafras
with Cheryl

“full of treasures carefully gathered over many years”


Hillangully Homstead - Olinda
with Geoff Barnes

“After eight years of neglect, many would have fled in terror but to Geoff it was a challenge too good to miss”

The Nook

'In many ways it emulates the English Cottage Gardens of Edwardian Times'